Frequently Asked Questions


1Does the Traffic Stop Travel Kit help me get out of a minor traffic infractions (traffic stop)?
No. The Traffic Stop Travel Kit does not assist with getting people out of minor traffic infractions (ie: speeding, tail light, etc.). Minor traffic infractions occur prior to your communication with the police. The Traffic Stop Travel Kit does not protect you from the traffic decisions made prior to getting pulled over. The purpose of the Traffic Stop Travel Kit is to make sure you are safe during your interaction with the police and to protect against unreasonable searches of your body or property.
2What are pre-textual stops?
Pre-textual stops are minor traffic infractions that police use to pull someone over. They will use the minor traffic infraction as an excuse to pull someone over and once they pull you over they investigate to see whether there may be an additional reason for an arrest. Pre-textual stops can have a disparate impact on communities of color because it increases the number of interactions a person has with the police.
3Is the Traffic Stop Travel Kit going to make the officer mad?
The Traffic Stop Travel Kit is there to minimize your movements, assist you with communication and listening to the officer’s directives. We are unable to predict how any person will react. What we can say is that using your Traffic Stop Travel Kit puts the officer in a safer position because we have eliminated the reason for you to searching through your vehicle to find your required documents. You can focus on what the officer is asking you while keeping your hands visible or on your steering wheel. All other things can wait until the traffic stop has concluded.
4Do I have to speak to the officer?
No. The Traffic Stop Travel Kit comes with a prepared statement to the officer. It informs the officer that you are not consenting to searches or seizures of your property. You may speak to the officer if you feel confident. You may tell the officer, that you mean no disrespect, but at the current moment you are not answering questions. You are free to ask for a lawyer at any time during the interaction.
5Which rights are being protected?
We focus on your 4th, 5th, and 6th Amendment rights. However, by using the Traffic Stop Travel Kit you may also be triggering your First amendment freedom of speech rights against the government and your Fourteenth amendment prohibiting a state from denying equal protection under the law.
6Do I have to identify myself when I am pulled over?
It depends! You are not required to provide your identification unless the officer has reasonable suspicion to believe that a crime is afoot (about to take place). Without this element you are not required to provide your ID. With traffic stops, the officer observes the minor traffic infractions and is identifying the driver as the one who committed the infraction. The officer has surpassed the level of reasonable suspicion, so a driver would be required to provide their identification.
7What States are the Billfolds Available for?
Arizona, Michigan, and Mississippi. If you want a Traffic Stop Travel Kit in your area, reach out to info@fourfivesixwallet and request to have a billfold of a different state sent to you. We are customizing Traffic Stop Travel Kit for different states as request come in.
8Are you a law firm?
We are not a law firm. We do not represent any of our customers. We connect people in the community to attorneys who can represent them. None of the information provided in our products or services is intended as legal advice. These are general concepts that can assist with putting you in a safer position during traffic stops.
9By purchasing a Traffic Stop Travel Kit do I automatically create an attorney client relationship with the attorneys provided in the kit?
The attorneys provided in the Kit are merely optional attorneys. You do not have an attorney client relationship until you have reached out to an attorney and created one.