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January 14, 2019
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Traffic Stop Travel Kit (Burgundy)


It’s frustrating to get pulled over!!!!!

Getting pulled over is the adult version of being in trouble with your mom or dad, but with much bigger consequences.  Imagine bringing a sense of clarity, , safety, organization, and professionalism to the situation so both you and the officer get home safe.

The Traffic Stop Travel Kit is a 6 in. x 9.5 in. billfold that stores in your glove compartment and is used as an assistant during a traffic stop .  The organized compartments allow any officer to easily view your car’s registration, license and insurance.  The attorney prepared statement, adjusted to your local jurisdiction, reduces the risk that you will say something that might increase an officers suspicion of your.  If you ever feel that the traffic stop has turned bad, you can use the contact information of local attorneys provided in each kit.

The marine vinyl material protects your documents in various weather conditions.  The various colors allow you to personalize your Travel Kit.

We look forward to encouraging healthy and safe interactions between you and law enforcement.

-Maiking Communities Safer-

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