What is the Traffic Stop Travel Kit?


We developed the Traffic Stop Travel Kit to protect loved ones during traffic stops and to address concerns with police violence against unarmed people. Through heartbreaking images of seeing lives taken during traffic stops, consistent police rational of saying their life was in danger, and the ability for the police to quickly discharge their weapon, we came up with the Traffic Stop Travel Kit. The Travel Kit allows you to display your greatness even when you are pulled over for a minor traffic infraction. You display your greatness by showing how prepared you are so you can make it home safe.

Time is a commodity during a traffic stop. We have put a lot of love and concern into giving you back some of this time by reducing the time you spend searching for your driver’s license, registration and insurance. We keep it all organized in one location in a classy design that you can hand over all in one piece to the police. With the Traffic Stop Travel Kit you are able to display your ability to be the most reasonable driver on the road. Reasonable drivers are prepared to be pulled over.

We limit your communication by providing a prepared statement to secure your rights. If you feel comfortable communicating more with the police, then feel free to do so. The more communication that you provide the more opportunity an officer has to use your words against you. You have the right not to answer most questions.

In order to provide an additional component, we want to educate communities about their rights, so when they encounter being pulled over they have knowledge of what their rights and obligations are. By teaching community members about their rights we can help with protecting them physically, emotionally, and financially. Secondarily, we put them in better position if their constitutional rights are violated.

If your rights are violated, our Traffic Stop Travel Kit connects members of the community with local attorneys.